Hosting a Show

We highly encourage all pupils to try hosting at least one show -sharing your enthusiasm through an OSCAR show offers you transferrable skills such as public speaking, leadership, and content creation.

Here's how you can get involved:

Step 1: Register Your Interest

If you're interested in becoming a presenter or a techie, please simply reply to an email we send out!

Step 2: Prepare Your Resources

Once you're registered, it's time to prepare for your show. Make a list of songs you'd like to play and any special segments you'd like to include. If you're working with a techie, make sure they know what you'd like them to do during the show, even if it’s just a quick chat before your show! Additional guidance will be sent to both hosts and techies before your shows.

Step 3: Broadcast Schedule

You will be given a slot, and if your show slot falls during other events like prep, you'll need to excuse yourself from these events. Don’t forget to tell all your friends and family about your upcoming show!

Step 4: Show up and Have Fun!

The most important part of hosting a show is to have fun – you’ll meet the directors on duty who can give you any help during the show, but otherwise your slot is up to you to fill. We’re excited to hear all of your new shows!


Our directorial team is constantly updating as the U6th pass the baton to younger pupils. Stay tuned here for more information!

Join the Director Team

We’d love to hear from you if you wish to join the director team.

To apply to become a director, please email Will on We look forward to hearing from you!