Live Lounge

Run by our in-house music director each year, the Live Lounge show is a way for performers to showcase their talents beyond the stage. The show features live performances on guitars, singing, and other acoustic music, providing a diverse range of musical experiences for our listeners, live from the OSCAR broadcast room.


Re:Loaded is our school's annual pop gig that has become a highly anticipated event in our community. Hosted in the Stahl Theatre, Re:Loaded is a showcase of talent, passion, and the vibrant energy of live music. Tickets sell out within a few hours – the electrifying performances are comprised of pupils from all year groups.

Future Events

Stay tuned for exciting new events coming up! We are always planning and preparing for the next big thing, and would love your input or feedback for things we can improve on or include in the future.
Whether it's a new music event, a special broadcast, or a community initiative, you'll find all the latest updates here.